Monday 28 May 2012

We Are Two Today!

We are Jingle Bell, Pinky and Happy. Our birthday is today and we had a party on May 26. This is the cake one of our friends bought us.

This year, there were not just one cake, there were two! The cakes have our names written on them. There were five names on one of the cakes as there were actually five of us. The other two are Rocky and Apple. Rocky was here for the birthday party but not Apple, our sister. We still remember her though.

There were lots of yummy food...meant for us, doggies, of course....

and so many friends came to party with us!

Thank you, all, for coming. We have enjoyed your company and the yummy food!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Updates On Our New Home And Gabriel

This is the house that we will be moving into. We have just got the keys to the house and the place needs a little touching up before we can move in. If renovation work can be completed in a week's time, probably we can move in by end of this month.
Gabriel, who celebrated his birthday on February 23, turned out that it was an early celebration! We were later told that his actual birthdate is March 20. Now does that mean he's getting another birthday cake on that day?

Tuesday 28 February 2012

We Have To Be Removed!

On 20 February 2012, we have been given a notice by the Town Council to have us removed from this apartment where we call home. The authority wants us to be removed within 14 days! In Malaysia, we are not allowed to live in apartments and condominiums.
Jingle Bell and the Human
We have requested from the authority for an extension of time so that we can look for a place to move to. We have been very lucky as we have found a place and we'll be moving away from here in the next one or two months' time. So, we'll be busy these couple of months packing our stuff. We may not be able to blog during this time but if we have any updates, we'll try to do a post.

Thursday 23 February 2012

The Maltese Boy, Gabriel

This is Gabriel and he is celebrating his first birthday today...
Apple Carrot Dumplings for Gabriel's birthday.
 Hey, Gabriel, no! You are supposed to make a wish then blow out the candle before you can eat!
Gabriel just couldn't wait!
 Yum...yum...but that was just too yummy!!
Now, blow the candle out!
 This was Gabriel on the day he arrived here, on 25th September 2011.
Gabriel checks out the play.
 He was just a seven-month old pup.
An exhausted Gabriel.
 Now, does that face look familiar?
Gabriel on the grooming table.
 What do you think? Does he look like the genius, Albert Einstein?
The uncanny resemblance.

Friday 17 February 2012

Four Miniature Schnauzer Girls

As the name of our blog "Four Miniature Schnauzer Girls And A Maltese Boy", let us introduce ourselves, the four miniature schnauzer girls, first.
We are, from left, Christmas, Pinky, Happy and Jingle Bell
 For those who do not know us, Christmas is the oldest of the four girls. She was adopted in December 2009.
In May 2010, Christmas gave birth to five puppies.
Christmas and her day old pups.
 One of them is Pinky...
Pinky is the tallest of them all.
 and two others, Jingle Bell and Happy.
Jingle Bell on the left and Happy is on the right. You can identify them by their ears.
 This is our doggie-daddy, Kenji. He is white too, like Christmas.
Christmas and Kenji

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Sardine Sweet Potato Squares

We have ran out of treats and so we made some today. Since we have some sweet potatoes, we are using them. Three medium size potatoes, about 700 grams, cooked and mashed.
Of course, we have to have quality control of the ingredients that are going into our treats.
Pinky and Jingle Bell had a taste of the cooked sweet potato.
 One small can of sardine, rinse off excess tomato sauce and mash.
 Add the mashed sardine into the mashed sweet potatoes with two eggs, some flaxseed...
and some oats and wholemeal wheat flour.
Mix all the ingredients together.
Turn the mixture into a lined baking sheet and press the mixture into the sides and corners of the baking sheet. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes.
Remove from oven and cut into squares with a pizza cutter.
Flip the squares over and arrange them onto the baking sheet. Return to the oven to bake for a further 20 minutes.
Leave it to cool in the oven.
 Do we like it?
 Cut into smaller pieces to be used for training. Unfinished treats to be kept refrigerated.
What's the shelf life of these treats? They won't last long in this house!!

Friday 10 February 2012

When The Computer Is Down

Our computer is still not well yet and we have to borrow a laptop to let our friends know that we are well and it is just the computer!

Looks like the human has been spending quite a lot of time on the computer then. Now that the computer is "sick", she has a lot of time for us and we just love it! Not because we can't keep in touch with our friends but because she is making lots of treats for us...

Our friends JD and Max have sent us this recipe book and all the food in this book looks yummy and she is trying some recipes from this book.
Pinky picks out a recipe from the book.
 The Toby's Tuna Triangles with a little variation......rectangles instead of triangles.
Toby's Tuna Triangles
 Whatever's the shape, it doesn't matter to us. It is yummy!
Gabriel does a trick for a treat.
 On another day, we had some bananas and she made us some treats with them.
Bananas being mashed with a fork.
 Bonnie's Banana Biscuits is another recipe from that book.
Grate in two carrots.
 After baking, Bonnie's Banana Biscuit is done.
Jingle Bell keeping her eyes on them while they cool.
 Then, the human thinks that the size of the biscuits is too big for us and she has to cut them into two! What is she thinking?!
Jingle Bell trying to get a treat by doing a trick.
 Next up is a minced beef recipe.
Pinky watches how all the ingredients are mixed together.
 Once all the ingredients are mixed together, they are pressed into a baking sheet.
Gabriel can't wait for it to be baked!
 The beef biscuits out from the oven, smelling great.
Beef Biscuits
 This is supposed to be the Apple and Carrot Dumplings from that recipe book but since we ran out of carrots, it is going to be just Apple Dumplings.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
 The Apple Dumplings out from the oven smelling wonderful. We just can't wait to taste it.
Apple Dumplings
 And look! Gabriel the little helper.
Gabriel licks the aluminium foil used to line the baking sheet.
 Gabriel helps to clean up.
Gabriel licks every bits from the aluminium foil.
 This is our favourite treat...beef liver. The human cuts them into tiny bits to be used during training.
Baked Beef Liver
 Hey, what are you doing?!
Gabriel steals a cookie while it is cooling.
 We'll do whatever you want, just give us that!
Jingle Bell and Christmas doing the "turn around" trick.
 Pack? Why do you need to pack them? We can finish them right away!
Jingle Bell, Gabriel and Pinky watch the treats being packed.
 Do you know what's in this pot? This is our food for a week. We are now on home-cooked food. No more commercial food for us.
Chicken Stew
 We supervised the packing of our food.
One week's food supply.
 These are the ingredients that give us a healthy skin and coat.
Oils to be blended.
 And yes, we keep her company for breakfast at the dining table. She used to have her breakfast in front of the computer! Wouldn't you say we are better company?
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