Friday, 10 February 2012

When The Computer Is Down

Our computer is still not well yet and we have to borrow a laptop to let our friends know that we are well and it is just the computer!

Looks like the human has been spending quite a lot of time on the computer then. Now that the computer is "sick", she has a lot of time for us and we just love it! Not because we can't keep in touch with our friends but because she is making lots of treats for us...

Our friends JD and Max have sent us this recipe book and all the food in this book looks yummy and she is trying some recipes from this book.
Pinky picks out a recipe from the book.
 The Toby's Tuna Triangles with a little variation......rectangles instead of triangles.
Toby's Tuna Triangles
 Whatever's the shape, it doesn't matter to us. It is yummy!
Gabriel does a trick for a treat.
 On another day, we had some bananas and she made us some treats with them.
Bananas being mashed with a fork.
 Bonnie's Banana Biscuits is another recipe from that book.
Grate in two carrots.
 After baking, Bonnie's Banana Biscuit is done.
Jingle Bell keeping her eyes on them while they cool.
 Then, the human thinks that the size of the biscuits is too big for us and she has to cut them into two! What is she thinking?!
Jingle Bell trying to get a treat by doing a trick.
 Next up is a minced beef recipe.
Pinky watches how all the ingredients are mixed together.
 Once all the ingredients are mixed together, they are pressed into a baking sheet.
Gabriel can't wait for it to be baked!
 The beef biscuits out from the oven, smelling great.
Beef Biscuits
 This is supposed to be the Apple and Carrot Dumplings from that recipe book but since we ran out of carrots, it is going to be just Apple Dumplings.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
 The Apple Dumplings out from the oven smelling wonderful. We just can't wait to taste it.
Apple Dumplings
 And look! Gabriel the little helper.
Gabriel licks the aluminium foil used to line the baking sheet.
 Gabriel helps to clean up.
Gabriel licks every bits from the aluminium foil.
 This is our favourite treat...beef liver. The human cuts them into tiny bits to be used during training.
Baked Beef Liver
 Hey, what are you doing?!
Gabriel steals a cookie while it is cooling.
 We'll do whatever you want, just give us that!
Jingle Bell and Christmas doing the "turn around" trick.
 Pack? Why do you need to pack them? We can finish them right away!
Jingle Bell, Gabriel and Pinky watch the treats being packed.
 Do you know what's in this pot? This is our food for a week. We are now on home-cooked food. No more commercial food for us.
Chicken Stew
 We supervised the packing of our food.
One week's food supply.
 These are the ingredients that give us a healthy skin and coat.
Oils to be blended.
 And yes, we keep her company for breakfast at the dining table. She used to have her breakfast in front of the computer! Wouldn't you say we are better company?


  1. I think my mom would go crazy without the computer!! I love the picture were Gabriel is licking the baking pan.

    ♥ yuki and rocket

  2. I can't believe how much COOKING she is doing for you!!! HOW COOL! All those different types - I was straining to lick my screen!! My mum buys my beef liver treats, but she has always wondered how to make them. Someone told her to get a dehydrator but she is nervous about that!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

    1. No, Rubie, tell your mum she doesn't need a dehydrator. A dehydrator would take ages to dry up food. An oven is faster and it's easy too.

  3. You pups are so lucky - my human never invites me to dine at the table with her!

    Fortunately she usually eats dinner on the couch, so I can invite myself to share her meal.

    Puppy kisses

  4. Oh, those look so delicious I would want to taste too :D I need to find some of those doggy cookbooks, although I don't have a doggy yet. But then I would already had it when I do get my doggy and I could also make some delicious cookies etc.


  5. Oh those treats and cookies look so tasty. We would be licking the baking sheet too if we could. We don't get invited to sit at table but we do sometimes get a treat after our humans have eaten their meal :-)love from Magic xx

  6. OH. My. Dog! You guys are all just incredibly cute, adorable and full of personality! My name is Pixel and I am am mini schnauzer too. My Mommy & I loved all those fun photos and commentary. You guys are great. I am following you blog now, and if it is okay, I have added you to my blog roll of 'Pixel's Friends'. So, can we all be friends?
    Come visit sometime, and be sure to know that I will be visiting you too. And by the way, I sit on my Mommy's lap when she has supper, so I think it is extra cool that you hang with your Mommy at the table. Wouldn't want it any other way!
    Love Pixel

  7. Just to let you know I have tagged you in my post today. If you would like to take part just check the questions on my post - love from Magic xx

  8. Hello guys! Just finally catching up with my blog friends - and catching up on your posts! So glad your computer is working again and you're back!

    Those treats look SO yummy - even my humans wanted to try some - hee! gee! You are such lucky pups to have your human bake things especially for you! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane


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